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Feb. 15, 2003
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           Max cat and all his toes.

A few years back a cat showed up at our doorstep. After several days of crying under our porch, it was time to bring him in. One more abandoned pet.
We started noticing that he had a bit of a limp. He was one of these cats with several extra toes. Upon a close examination, I noticed that he not only had the extra toes, but had extra nails on the extra toes. Some of those nails were just kinda hanging, not injured, just the way they were. Anyway, as he walked, he was stepping on them and that was obviously what was causing his discomfort. Poor boy, to think he had been  limping around like that all his life. Too bad they didn't notice that when he was neutered, as it wouldn't have taken much to cut those little extras off. And it would have saved him a lot of pain. He had already been neutered when we found him. We had them removed and just like I more limp. Luckily it hadn't caused any lasting problems. Too many years of limping like that, I'm sure could have had it's effects. Max isn't the only cat I've seen with problems with the extra toes. A friend's cat has a couple that are near the top of the foot and as they grow, they start to grow into the tissue, if they are not trimmed quite regularly. This is something to look for, before you have your pet neutered. If your cat has a few extra toes that are obviousely useless and look like they might cause problems, just as well to have them taken off at the time of neutereing.
Most of My Pet Tips are from my own experiences. I hope that by relaying them on to you, that they may help with the care of your pets..
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